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Monthly Development News - [May 2011]

Monthly Development News - [May 2011]
June 01, 2011 by Miguel Cordeiro
The past month we have been doing some important upgrades to InternetSuite, namely improving the security of the application suite and also improving the overhaul speed of the services. Here is a short summary:

  • Important security upgrades
  • URL shortening on the Site/CMS module
  • Some speed improvement in Site/CMS module
  • Corrections to the blog system

Next month we are expecting to make available to the public the 1.0 version of the Blog Module that will enable to comment articles. We are also working on developing a News Module and a Press Release Module, if all goes well we will start testing these 2 modules later in November or earlier December.

The Blog Module, and both the new News and the Press Release Modules will be tightly integrated with the Site/CMS Module, allowing you to publish news and articles directly to your web site, even though they are not owned by your InternetSuite account.

Expect more news soon!

Website Interoperability

Website Interoperability
May 18, 2011 by Miguel Cordeiro
InternetSuite enables you to share information between websites, blogs or company portals by sharing information channels.

Sharing of blog articles, company news, job applications, classifieds, RSS feeds and other information can be published across all InternetSuite websites by simply registering your channels into your website and then create the specific application web page.

Blog system is now online!

Blog system is now online!
January 20, 2011 by Miguel Cordeiro
Our blog application - version 1.0 is now online. The blog application is fully integrated with the InternetSuite content management system. Every site can share one or more article channels enabling that multiple blogs can be shown.

Also, a blog channel can be shared beteween multiple sites, enabling all blog content (articles, categories and comments) to shown on multiple sites.

New EMarketing Section Added To Our Blog

New EMarketing Section Added To Our Blog
November 12, 2010 by Miguel Cordeiro
We have added an EMarketing section to our blog. This section consists of an editorial where we"ll publish exclusive and non-exclusive articles EMarketing articles. The goal of this editorial is to present you the best e-marketing information that will help you to promote your business in the Internet.

This editorial will focus on the following themes:
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • Bloging
  • CRM

New Feature / Bug Report Section Comming Soon

New Feature / Bug Report Section Comming Soon
September 24, 2010 by Miguel Cordeiro
Our development team is creating a new section on our blog and main site that will report all activity about InternetSuite development. The purpose of this section is to offer information about the new features implemented as well as bugs discovered. Articles published in this section will be part of a larger overhaul we're planning to do to our main site, and that will include technical information on how to work with InternetSuite such as F.A.Q.s, Guides, Case Studies and so on.

Automatic Sitemap Generator Online

Automatic Sitemap Generator Online
May 20, 2010 by Miguel Cordeiro
The new Sitemap Generator has been integrated as part of the new search engine optimization overhaul to InternetSuite. The Sitemap generator automatically scans every page of your site and creates a sitemap.xml file according to the sitemap protocol.

After creating the sitemap through the web suite, the file named sitemap.xml will be stored in your site root directory - http://www.yoursite.com/sitemap.xml. You can then submit this address to major search engines following instructions on their sites (see the list below). Alternatively you can download the generated sitemap file from InternetSuite and then use it in another domain or hosting account.

By submitting your XML sitemap to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, you are telling their engines to index your site pages accurately and faster. Another advantage is that you regain more control over the process of updating your page indexes in each search engine provider.

We're adding more features to our web suite, please stay tuned!

New SEO features in upcomming release!

New SEO features in upcomming release!
April 26, 2010 by Miguel Cordeiro
InternetSuite will get an overhaul in terms of search engine and web marketing in the next 2 months. We have been developing and testing some exciting new features features and services that will be incorporated in the upcoming InternetSuite release and that will dramatically change the way you publish and advertise your site on the web.

InternetSuite is partnering with Internet advertisers and providers to seamlessly integrate their services into our web suite. We don´t have the full feature list yet but we can give you some details about what to expect:

  • General site and page specific seo settings
  • Measure the degree of site and page optimization
  • Validate your site against major search engines
  • Search engine directory site Submitter
  • Site diagnostics for SEO
  • Automatic xml and html sitemap generators

We are anxious to test this new features. If you want to know more please drop us a line.

Integrated Document Management System

Integrated Document Management System
March 03, 2010 by Miguel Cordeiro
InternetSuite is announcing a brand new Document Manager Module that enables documents and files to be shared across the company Intranet and Internet sites.

With the Document Manager Module users can create and customize a hierarchical type tree for all company documents and then share it through the InternetSuite back-office as well as through any of the company public sites.

The Document Manager allows that both company users and customers or partners can browse specific parts or folders of the document tree depending on their setup permissions. Uploading document can be done both through the InternetSuite back-office (company users) or through any of the company sites as well.

First test version of the blog system is now online!

First test version of the blog system is now online!
February 14, 2010 by Miguel Cordeiro
We have been for the past 2 weeks designing a blog system that integrates seamlessly with InternetSuite content management system. This blog is our first attempt to show off the blog application. Note that this is a first version of it, essential blog features such us user registry, comment management and others are still lacking.

As the Blog System is kind of a side project, we are planning on using it only for our blog and for some customers that would request it. If your"re interested drop me a line.
More info will come when we finish version 2.

Search Engine Optimization InternetSuite Tools

Search Engine Optimization InternetSuite Tools
November 16, 2009 by Miguel Cordeiro
InternetSuite SEO tools enables you to optimize your site content and keywords. SEO optimization allows your site to be ranked more efficiently in all major search engines. This optimizing can now be done at page level, allowing each page on the site to be fully optimized with relevant kewords, title and contents.

Page search engine optimization is very important and can boost your page rank, allowing you to get more relevant hits to your site and business.

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